Monday, June 11, 2007

Three more Global Warming presentations

I'm such a scheduler.

I've managed to get Bob Schwalbach scheduled for three more presentations of his Global Warming talks this week. Tomorrow he'll be at Brilliant Star School for a presentation to the elementary class. On Wednesday, he'll be relating the topic of climate change to disease emergence as he makes a presentation to the Commonwealth Health Center medical staff. And on Thursday evening he'll be back at Brilliant Star School for a "Parent Evening," (which any of you are welcome to attend -- it's at 7PM at the campus next to the Navy Hill ball field).

He's still got some open times if you want to contact him to schedule a presentation before he leaves on June 19.

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Gus M. Kaipat said...

Cinta and I went to the presentation Bob held at the Kagman Community Center about a few weeks ago. Because the center's AC had not been turned on long enough to cool up the room, we decided that it was best we had the presention outside of the building. It was so hot inside. That's a problem with concrete. It takes a while to cool down in the evening. Less than 10 people came, which was ok. At least, Cinta and I were able to gather vital information about Global Warming is. The community needs to be interested in this.