Friday, June 29, 2007

MP Magazine

I know a lot of the bloggers are awaiting the story on "Island Blogging" that will be in the first issue of MP magazine. We'll it's official. The magazine will be available July 4 at the Liberation Day festivities. Join us also on the evening of July 5 for the Premier Party at Ocean's. My column today in the Saipan Tribune featured MP Magazine. Here it is.

Get ready, CNMI, for the launch of what is sure to become one of our islands’ most popular magazines. July 4 will mark the inauguration of MP Magazine, a glossy lifestyle magazine covering a broad range of topics. Weighing in at seventy-six pages, publisher Ed Propst describes it as a high end magazine that fills the need for a publication that features the people and the activities of our islands. “It’s not just about one ethnicity. It shows the CNMI for what it is – a melting pot,” Ed told me. “Our island is filled with so many stories and MP Magazine tells those stories.”

Regular features of the bimonthly magazine will include several feature stories. This first issues main feature is on Article 12 and is authored by Tina Sablan. The other two features are on Mixed Martial Arts – delving into the idea of the island warrior -- and a Wedding Guide, which will look at the best in Saipan wedding planning. Regular departments include “The Cutting Board” which highlights local chefs, an Arts section with this month’s story titled “Marianas Ink” a portrait of a local tattoo artist. A Trends section looks at any number of popular activities on the islands. The “Tropical Tales” section gives the opportunity to listen to peoples’ stories of Micronesia. A fashion and style section, “MP’s Top Ten” list, and “Island Beauties” round out the regular departments.

I’m looking forward to reading the story titled “Pugua Nation” by Boni Reyes Gomez, which describes betel nut use locally and worldwide. I also know that quite a few people are eagerly anticipating the story on “Island Blogging” which delves into the rising phenomenon of blogging in Saipan.

Throughout the issue, high quality photographs complement the stories.

Ed Propst himself writes for the MP Magazine, along with seven contributing authors in this first issue: Peter Bae, Reina Camacho, Bob Coldeen, Boni Reyes Gomez, David Khorram, Tina Sablan and Ben Salas.

The magazine will be distributed on July 4 at the liberation day festivities, and will be available for purchase at Joeten Susupe, Dan Dan and Garpan locations. The public is also invited to attend the Premier Party at Ocean’s along Paseo de Marianas in Garapan on the evening of July 5 at 8 PM.

MP Magazine is a welcome new endeavor and a demonstration of confidence in the future of the CNMI. I agree with Ed that our peoples have stories to share, that our islands have beauty to be highlighted. I’m looking forward to exploring this first issue of MP Magazine.


BoReGo said...

I had so much fun writing that. Every once in a while I track a visitor on my blog googling pugua.

BoReGo said...

I had so much fun writing that. Every once in a while I track a visitor on my blog googling pugua.

Bruce A. Bateman said...

Congratulations on your contributing gig with the new MP Magazine, David. I'm looking forward to reading the first issue when published.

By way of other new and startling information
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Peter Bae said...

Hi Dr. Khorram,

Thank you for mentioning me in your blog and in the newspaper. I thought that your article was very thoughtful and covered alot of important topics.

Peter Bae