Sunday, June 10, 2007


Mara and I went to the play “Stuck” Friday night. The actors and actresses did a great job, and their talents have been extolled elsewhere. I however, want to highlight the activities of some of the other folks that helped pull off this production.

Now, I know it’s very difficult to see. In fact, I had to use my infrared goggles and special stealth night film to capture this shot, but if you look very very carefully you can see that there are people in this photo. They are difficult to see because the auditorium is dark, and especially because they are wearing BLACK. Not just BLACK, but a special Ninja BLACK that makes them almost totally invisible as they come out between sets to change the props. You get only a sense of a presence on the stage as they work, silently and swiftly, and couched in BLACK. You are not sure that they are there, and it was only after examining my pictures that I realized what was really happening between sets. It was magical, and made possible because of the BLACK outfits.

Kudos to Bree and all her crew.


fabulousinvalidtc said...

Yes! Kudos to the crew of STUCK. The play would not have been possible without you :)

fabulousinvalidtc said...

YES! Kudos to the crew of STUCK, without whose help the play would not be possible. Thank you thank you thank you.