Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Blogging Can Save Your Sight

Here is a nice post from Melissa's blog. Thank you for the compliments!

The power of the bloggers... and a visit to Marianas Eye Institute

I woke up Sunday with a crusty eye. Gross, I know. I started getting a little worried about it yesterday, so I sent Dr. Khorram an email about my symptoms, and to get his opinion on whether or not I should be seen. Now, I have never met Dr. Khorram face to face, but we've each left comments on our respective blogs, and because of that, I felt comfortable emailing him. He quickly emailed me back, and told me that since I was sensitive to light, I should be seen asap.

I went in this morning. I have a corneal ulcer. It hurts, and it looks gross. But he's putting me on antibiotics, and drops that I have to put in every hour. He said I'll be seeing a lot of him until this gets resolved. The good news is I got new glasses, so I don't have to wear the ones I broke and glued back together in London.

So, thanks, Dr. Khorram!! Thanks for the exceptional service, and thanks for keeping me from going blind! I enjoyed meeting you in person, although I would have preferred to meet in a less serious setting. I am continually amazed by the friendships and professional relationships that are fostered by something as menial as me writing my random thoughts down for the world to see.

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Melissa said...

Thanks Doc! For all you do for all the eyes around here...