Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Arman Makes the Front Page

We attended a birthday party at the Fiesta on Sunday, and the photographer captured Arman in a happy action shot. That's him on the right on the front page of today's Saipan Tribune.

The caption reads:
"KID's CLUB: Kids beat the summer heat frolicking on the brand new multi-faceted Kid's Pool of the Fiesta Resort & Spa Saipan Kid's CLub during its opening Sunday afternoon. The pool also features slides and fountains for every kid's enjoyment."
I will add that this is a great pool for small kids. It's only about a foot deep, maybe a little more, so our 2 year old son was able to play all afternoon without fear of getting dunked. There aren't any 1000 gallon buckets that get dumped every few minutes, just gentle sprays of water. Hopefully, the Fiesta will put a shade structure over the pool, much like PIC's.

That's Kian standing at the foot of the slide.

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Bev said...

what a cute pic of Arman!=)