Saturday, June 23, 2007

Staff Outing

Every couple of months, the staff at Marianas Eye Institute plans an outing. This month, we closed the clinic on Friday afternoon and headed down to American Memorial Park for a picnic and a softball game with our families. I learned two things. First, if you're out of shape, softball actually is an aerobic activity. Second, man, those Chamorro girls can hit that ball! I'll post more pictures later, especially when Mark sends his. It's hard for me to believe that this institution supports so many people and their families. And this isn't even everyone!

The Power Techs and their Men

An MEI tradition of the "Goofy Pose" group photo.

"Burger on Foil" by Mel Norita.
(We support budding artists.)


bradinthesand said...

So that's who was making all the noise. I was getting a bunch of gear out of the soccer containers when I saw all of you playinng softball. I didn't know who it was but I knew there was a lot of fun having over at the AMP that day.

Anonymous said...

Hey power techs.....
Can u look this way so i can look
closely @ you.............."I CAN SEE YOU NOW"