Friday, June 20, 2008

Recovering from the Heat of Grand Rounds

I'm still recovering from all the work of putting Grand Rounds together. It was fun, but I needed to be away from the keyboard for a few days. On Tuesday, the day Grand Rounds was posted, I got over 1,000 visits to my blog, which is a testament to how well organized this carnival is. I'm still catching up with all the comments and email I received as a result.

The days are getting hotter here on Saipan. Although we have the most stable temperature in the world, staying right around 85F year round, the sun is HOT this close to the equator, and because of typhoons, houses are built of concrete, which are ovens. The utility is limping along, with power outages rotating around the island all day long to conserve the fuel supply. At the office, we have a generator, so we can keep functioning, but at the house we're in right now, no such luck. Last night, the power went out around 8 PM. I don't think it was scheduled because it was preceded by lots of browning out of the lights. It came on briefly around 10:30 PM, but went out again for the rest of the night. We slept in the sweltering heat, with damp paper towels on us to keep us cool.

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