Monday, June 2, 2008

Emergency Appeal for China - Updated

The International Red Cross has issued an updated appeal for help for the Sichuan Earthquake. The emergency appeal seeks 92.7 million USD to assist around 100,000 families (up to 500,000 people) affected by the earthquake for 36 months.

Just to give an idea of the scale of this disaster, as of 27 May, 68,109 people had been left dead, 364,552 injured, 20,790 missing and 15 million displaced of which five million are homeless. Five million homeless. Wow.

The massive earthquake also spawned the formation of 34 "quake" lakes, formed by rivers blocked by landslides. Water levels are rising, rains are coming, and an additional 1.3 million people in these areas are now threatened by floods.

The IFRC has issued a report, which is about 15 pages long, includes photos, the budget, and various other facets of the recovery plan.

Give while you can. Donations can be channeled through your national Red Cross societies. Click here to donate through the American Red Cross.

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