Saturday, June 7, 2008

Back home, bikeless

I'm back from a few days in Guam. Most of my friends in America don't have to get on a plane to see an orthodontist, but that's the way it is on Saipan. I took Arman over for some orthodontic work, and Nava tagged along. We had a nice time staying with our friends, the Johnson's, and had a chance to get together with many old friends, as well as eat some fantastic Persian food.

We bought bikes for the two older kids, and I found out that if you want to put a bike on a plane, you have to have a box for it (or buy one from the airlines for $30); you have to be able to put the bike in the box which requires having the tools to take off the pedals and the front wheel; and you have to pay another $30 to get it on the plane. Given this combination of impediments (we rode the bikes up to the checkout counter), the bikes are still in Guam.

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