Wednesday, September 12, 2007

New Poll

This may be the first poll in the CNMI blogosphere that actually has some real world value. Okay, so granted, that value is only to me, but that's a start.

Help me out. I've got two choices on the table for the title to the book I've completed. The book is a collection of my columns from the Saipan Tribune.

Here is what the book is about (from the back cover). Believe me, it took a long time to figure this out, but your comments helped formulate the description.

This eclectic collection of stories and insights from an eye surgeon in the South Seas combines wit, wisdom, care and compassion to make you laugh out loud and invite you to ponder life’s big questions. Expect to gain perspectives that will lead you to healthier, richer, more meaningful living.

If you have other suggestions for titles, fire away. The purpose of a title is to accurately reflect what's inside, and to get someone to pick the dang book up. The shorter, the better, which is where my current choices are a bit weak, but the columns are so diverse that I haven't been able to come up with just one or two words.

Your opinion matters to me, so let me know your thoughts. And vote! The poll is there on the right.


bradinthesand said...

lose the blurb and title the book "chilled mango salad"

Jeff said...

Intriguing matters at least tells you something about the book. The other one is too arty and vague. Strong vote for option one.

Paguroidea said...

I like "CMS". Good one bradin...

Saipan Writer said...

Are we in the "south seas?" I always think that means south of the equator.

Sorry I've got no ideas for a title, and if I did you'd only know what not to use because I'm bad at them.

Perhaps you could use the title of one of your columns?