Monday, September 17, 2007

An Excellent Practice!

Tonight was the first practice/tryout for the NMIFA Men's National Football Team. After some mind bending warm ups, and dribbling drills, the visiting EAFF official from Japan put us through a couple of small team exercises (which probably saved us from sprints that Coach Higgins must have had planned). We finished up with the Tunnel of Love, which was rather enjoyable, and a nice alternative to the infamous Circle of Death. No one vomited. I like Coach Higgins. In addition to being a nice guy, he's a good teacher, and sane.

I had more stamina than I expected. Angelo and I have been running 3 miles every morning for the past week, so I chalk up my ability to make it through the practice to that little bit of training. We're off for our run again tomorrow morning at 6AM.

I'm a lousy dribbler, and the dribbling drills confused me. I need this stuff in slooooow motion.

Overall assessment: I made it through one practice! See you all on Thursday evening.

Editor's Note: I changed the title from the original one so as not to tempt the Fates. Happier now, Brad?


bradinthesand said...

um, david?

don't tempt the fates, my man.

Marianas Eye said...

I assure you, Brad, if practices get harder or if I get cut, it won't be because the Fates read this post.

Plus, I'm trying to overcome my fear of "jinxing."

Marianas Eye said...

But, it seems, a few other people still fear the jinx, so for all you out there, I changed the title. Better?

bradinthesand said...

yup. and how do you feel after day two?