Thursday, September 6, 2007

Law of Attraction

One of the things that I battle is my own internal skepticism. About six months ago, someone gave me a DVD called "The Secret." It was a promo for what is now on the top of the bestseller's list, a book by the same title. It's basically about the Law of Attraction. The premise is that the universe will respond to our wishes. It points to the ancient genie in world lore and states that the genie, the "magic lamp" is really the Universe that is always standing ready with "Your wish is my command." The Law of Attraction states that if you ask, you will attract the answer. If you envision it, you will attract it. If you take some action towards a goal, the Universe will open the way. I'm so skeptical, especially when something seems so easy, that I doubt it all. I'm more likely to just chalk things up to coincidence than to some positive Universe responding to my insignficant wishes, thoughts and efforts. It seems too magical. But little by little, as I put this to test, I'm coming to believe it, even plan based on it.

On Monday I put the word out (to the Universe?) that I was trying to find the author of the "chilled mango salad" comment. About an hour later I'm driving down Navy Hill and I see someone I've met walking down the hill, someone I've never seen walking in this area before. I get to the light at the bottom of the hill. It's red, so I sit and wait. The walker catches up, and though we've talked to one another on a couple of ocassions, we're not close friends. For no good reason, I decide to roll down the window to say hello. He says, "Hey, are you going to be able to use the chilled mango salad blurb?" I think he must have just read the post on the blog and knows that I can't use it unless I find the author. "I don't know. I'm still looking for the author," I say. He points to himself, not knowing that I was looking for the author, and says "It was me. Be my guest." It was Mike Ernest.

I'm starting to lose my skepticism and chalk such occurences up to the benevolence of the Universe, the Law of Attraction. Thanks, Mike.


Gus said...


bradinthesand said...

Gus, you can keep the FJ, I want an EJ...

jk Angelo.

Mike said...

Dr. K,

While I do find your writing refreshing, I must say I am not even slightly attracted to you.

Marianas Eye said...

Whew, Mike.

Go for it, Gus.

Don't go for it, Brad.

Bruce A. Bateman said...

While that anecdote makes for good reading I think you should chalk it up to Mike's car being broken.

The 'Universe' is not likely listening, David. Had you, personally, not asked and caused activity to take place, none of the above would have happened.

Well, maybe in a Rod Serling story it might work the other way, but chances are slim otherwise.

Why am I rambling on about this? Don't know, I was just attracted by 'The Force' to drop by and read your post. (:-))

Mike said...

My car is not broken. I was trying to walk off my 7.5 years of undergrad partying.

If my car breaks in the next week, I'm sending the bill to Bateman.

Saipan Kat said...

Maybe we should've called out to the universe during our TT games?!

Marianas Eye said...

Kat, we did call out to the Universe. It was just the wrong call... Taya.


Sean said...

It's funny because, as you know I'm a believer, and yet somehow, I remain skeptical. . .

How weird is that?

Bruce A. Bateman said...

Okay, Mike, if the car breaks, I'm buying, but I'm using a Universal credit card.

New team name next season. If we keep the TT logo we need to come up with something positive. Tangibly Terrific? Trancendentally Tremendous? Tough Toenails?

Marianas Eye said...


Weird, very weird, but common. Just remember how many times Luke had to be reminded... "Use the Force, Luke, use the Force."


I was thinking something along the lines of "The Marauders" or "The Ravagers." (New logo). Of course, we can call out to the Universe, but we'll need some better players too. It's part of the way the Universe seems to work. You gotta rub the lamp. Genie don't come out by itself.

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

We could be Harry Blalock's Midget Pirates.

...or The Flying Spaghetti Monsters!

Bruce A. Bateman said...

Ravagers has a nice ring to it. So does Pillagers. Marauders has a more mainstream image. A new logo wouldn't hurt. I'm thinking something porcine.

I think the skill levels will be more even next season. I was talking with some of the guys about how to conduct the team member choices next year. Either a draft, or better yet, a lottery would go a long way toward evening the playing field.

Just about everyone who played improved noticably. Should be better all around next season.

Wu said...

Today's thinkers have higher expectations and are more sophisticated in the use of the "law of attraction." They are beginning to understand just how creation works and how individuals are connected to the universe and its awesome power. Emotion has been removed from the equation and has set the spirit free to connect to the power that creates on a conscious level.

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