Tuesday, May 15, 2007

You heard it here!

Okay, guys, here is the scoop on these famous people (and things) I know nothing about.

Ron Paul is one of the 2008 Republican presidential candidates who has come out strong against the Iraq war.

Galilea Montijo is a Mexican celebrity whose uncensored sex tape video just surfaced.

Michael Buble is a music guy -- sings, writes songs, performs, stuff like that.

Eurovision seems to be the European version of "American Idol" -- a singing contest.

Joost is a way to use the internet to watch TV "where you want it, when you want it". It hasn't gone live yet, but apparently there is a lot of anticipation.

Ubuntu is a Linux based operating system.

Mario Lopez is a "hot Hollywood star" (according to his website), and one of the stars of ABC's Dancing with the Stars, which pairs Hollywood stars with professional dancers. (I'd never heard of that either).

Bebo is a MySpace alternative.

Did you guys know this stuff?


Dr. Frank-N-Furter said...

I thought Ron Paul was a six foot plus transvestite, wait, that's Ru Paul. I already knew what Ubunto is and thanks for the Bebo link! Very creative use of Angelo's lesson on increasing traffic to your website ala the "Ron Paul" bait.

Bruce A. Bateman said...

It's about time SOMEONE other than the peas-in-a-pod Republicans (grow the government at 3%) and Democrats (grow the government at 5%) gets some media attention. Ron Paul has some interesting independant views.

Thanks for the suggestion for the theater fund raiser , David, we have implemented the no smoking section at Porky's to include a whole new outside - beachside area where non smokers can enjoy the festivities without the nicotine wafting around.

The view from your old house is fantastic. Please give me a call 233-2444 or 287-0687 to discuss.


Angelo said...

I haven't seen any credible polling since the last debate. It would be great if Ron Paul won...he'd be easier to beat. If he won, he'd also be the oldest President EVER.

Mario Lopez was also the character "Slater" on the classic Saturday morning TV show, Saved by the Bell. He also worked at Disney World when he was younger. My fellow employees pointed to him as proof that they would some day "make it."

Bev said...

i love watching dancing with the stars too=)

Anonymous said...

Hi David,

I didn't know that Ubuntu was an operating system - I only knew it as a Zulu/Xhosa word for "humanity" or a social concept of compassion towards others. Thanks for the tidbit!

Sherri in South Africa

Marianas Eye said...


Thanks for the Zulu lesson! So the word wasn't just made up with a random letter generator?