Tuesday, May 29, 2007

"Saipan This Week"

There's a new blog in town. I missed a bunch of events this weekend, in part because I found out about them too late, or because I knew about them so far in advance that by the time the events rolled around, I had forgotten about them. Now, "Saipan This Week" is here to solve the problem of missed events. There is so much that is going on in Saipan that's it's difficult to know it all. "Saipan This Week" will serve as a central information center for everything to do on Saipan in a given week.

We'll try to keep it to activities of general interest (or at least big interest) rather than meetings of various organizations and clubs. This is the place for the fun stuff.

The Saipan Blogger is already one of the team members, and I'd like to invite Marianas Life and The Reveler (and all the gang at Middle Road) to help out as contributors, and anyone else that wants to join in.

Here is how it works. Each new post will highlight some upcoming event or activity. Down at the bottom of the post will be a running list, by dates, of all the upcoming events. The list will have links to the previous posts for more detail. In this way, all the upcoming activities will be summarized in the most recent post, so you only have to look at the most recent post to see the list of everything that's coming up. Each contributor will just update the list, deleting the ones that have passed, and adding the new one. Pretty cool, huh?

I've put up a few events that I know about. Let's fill the calendar! If you want to just email information to me without having to bother with creating the post, that's fine too. (I'm still trying to figure out the whole "team member" thing). I think "Saipan This Week" will be a great resource for the island.

Edit: How could I have forgotten! And Brad. Anyone else?


marianas life said...

ok if you are the administrator for saipan this week, just click on the permissions link and invite me as a guest author. just send to uncheesybree@msn.com

i sent the link of the worm in the eye to my mom and she was totally horrified and disgusted :) :) :)

Marianas Eye said...

Thanks for joining!

I did mean to let you know that wooing Doug with parasite stories was a real coup. Doug is one lucky man.

marianas life said...

yeah, i seem to remember him saying something about reminding him never to live anywhere tropical:) thank god he has CRS (Can't Remember Shit) either that or the cold winters wore him down:) i think his memory is returning now though....

bradinthesand said...

hi david,
brad here. ready to go for the weekly updates!


thanks for the invite!!!