Thursday, May 3, 2007

Thank-you, Angie

I've never met Angie Jordan. I stumbled upon her blog one day by clicking on "Next Blog" up there at the top of this page. She's a very talented cartoonist and artist in Philadelphia, and we linked our blogs. I visited her site today and saw this, which touched my family deeply.

For you, Arman

"I worked on a rendering of Arman last night to hopefully brighten his spirits, along with his family, in hopes he can recover, very soon, from a serious health concern.
"Best wishes Arman!"
It's people like Angie that make this a great world to live in.

There is nothing new to report. We're still awaiting mono test results, but he's really looking and acting healthy. He was invited to be in a segment for a "healthy cooking" TV show, and apparently was a real chatterbox in the studio today, telling everyone about how we don't have TV (so he won't be able to watch the show), and about how important it is to eat healthy food, and how his mom really likes vegetables.

If the mono test results are not back by tomorrow, I'll probably take him in for an ultrasound to see if his spleen is getting smaller. If it is, I think we're out of the woods.


Lynn said...


Thank you for participating in our Cooking With Colors show and helping us promote healthy eating. I heard you were all great sports and ate all the veggies and fruit. We'll be sure to get you a copy of the show once it is edited!

The Saipan Blogger said...

That's really cool. Thanks Angie!