Monday, April 30, 2007

A good sign

I was in Guam over the weekend. I went over on Thursday, and spent Friday morning at Island Eye Center with Dr. Margie DeBenedictus. She's an expert at blepharoplasties (cosmetic lid lifts) and I'm an expert at an advanced type of cataract surgery (phaco chop), so we spent the morning teaching and learning in the operating room. The rest of the weekend I was at the National Convention of the Bahai's of the Mariana Islands.

When I got back, I looked at Arman, and not having seen him for a few days, I'm pretty sure that the lumps have gotten smaller. A few other people who hadn't seen him over the weekend said the same thing. I'm hoping it's not just our wishful thinking that helps us see a smaller lump. But I don't think so. I think it really is smaller. Smaller would be a very good sign.


Yves said...

Dear David,

How wonderful to read your comments about Armand today. This was a very long and busy day at work. I came home worn down. Fortunately your message brightened my evening.
Your family is in my prayers, especially Armand.


CNMI Blogger said...

Dear David (& Mara):

The State of the Commonwealth Address and Flame Tree Arts Festival are now behind us and I finally had a chance to stop and read friends' blogs. Had I kept up, I would've been able to read about the trauma you were going through with Arman and would've been able to offer you some timely words of support, a hug? But since I didn't and I went back to where I left off last to catch up, I experienced the trauma and heartaches as if they had just occured today. My tears flowed and my heart ached for you, Mara, and poor Arman.

I hope and pray that your last post is true indeed that Arman has turned the corner. We shall continue to pray for him and for all of you.