Monday, April 16, 2007

I'm about to do a very scary thing...

For the past few weeks I've been working through a book many of you may have heard about: The Artist's Way, by Julia Cameron. It's honestly one of the most powerful books I've interacted with. I don't say "read" because it's not really a "reading" book. It's a "doing" book, with weekly assignments focused on various facets of developing creativity.

Well, here is this week's assignment: reading deprivation. Nothing reading. That's right. One week with no reading. No newspaper, no email, no websites, no books, no blogs, no magazines, no brochures, nada.

It's just a way to turn off the distractions and to turn inward; to find some inner quite space. Kinda scary for some of us. After all, what will I do if I'm not checking my email six times an hour, jumping from blog to blog, and paper to paper?!

I'm looking forward to the week. I've got my email autoresponder set, and I'm ready to see what chaos breaks loose. It's always fun to shake yourself up a bit. Care to join me?


Bruce A. Bateman said...

Back in the early 70's I did a series of full sensory deprivation experiences. It involved a soundproof, lightproof enclosure inside of which was an exact body temperature saltwater filled tank. Once floating, the experience was very unusual to say the least. Some experienced total disorientation, some had paranoid mental lapses. Some freaked out and had to be taken out of the tank screaming. Some of us just floated placidly and grooved (as we called it back then) on the first true silence we had experienced since birth. Fun, third eye opening, revelating.

Have fun with your no-read week. Hope you report on the results.

Bev said...

Hi! Nice to meet you at the banquet! May I link to your blog?? Also, I heard you dive and know your fish id well! We should get a group out and go diving together soon!