Sunday, May 11, 2008

SurgeXperiences 121

The Surgery Blog Carnival is up at Sterile Eye, who is in Norway. The theme of the Carnival is "Tools of the Trade." I wrote the post just for the Carnival (and also used it for my weekly Saipan Tribune column). I like it when the carnival host picks a theme. It's like getting an assignment to write a story, and the theme stimulates my thinking. Here is the snippet about my submission.

As we’re about to move from physical to more metaphysical instruments we turn to eye surgeon David Khorram and his blog Marianas Eye. As a young student he found himself about to be seduced by a stethoscope. Fortunately he was saved from committing the cardinal sin of gadgetry. As the blood rushed back into his brain he realized the patients make appointments with doctors, not instruments.

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