Thursday, May 29, 2008

Marine Monument Dies

I'm going to predict that the proposed Marianas Trench Marine Monument in CNMI has effectively been killed. After reading the story in today's Saipan Tribune, I don't think President Bush will give much attention to the Marianas. A variety of local government officials here have voiced their opposition to the idea, while no one at the same level is voicing support. Meanwhile, other jurisdictions are clamoring to have a monument designated in their area. If I were the President (or one of his advisers), I'd recommend taking the path of least resistance. Why fight with the CNMI?

As far as I can tell, the resistance to the monument ultimately comes down to a certain psychological stance that is explained in Bornstein's How to Change the World (who is quoting from O'Toole's Leading Change).

Resistance occurs when a group perceives that a change in quesiton will challenge its "power, prestige, position, and satisfaction with who they are, what they believe, and what they cherish....The major factor in our resistance to change is the desire not to have the will of others forces on us."

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