Thursday, January 10, 2008

I Remember...

Angelo tagged me to write about 20 things I remember about Saipan, either from recently or from long ago. Here's my list.

1. I remember when calling the states cost $1.70 per minute. Mara was living in Hawaii, and I was in love, so I paid more for my phone bill than rent. (Just so as I don't get into trouble, let me clarify that I am still in love with her.)

2. I remember when La Fiesta mall was a happening place.

3. I remember getting married at the beach at the Hyatt.

4. I remember when Beach Road continued straight through American Memorial Park.

5. I remember getting one of the first email accounts on the island. I would have to call the CDC in Atlanta to download my email through my account with them.

6. I remember when prostitution had the semblance of being illegal in the CNMI... oh wait, no I don't.

7. I remember when DFS was about a quarter its current size and sat next to a dusty parking lot.

8. I remember being a government employee.

9. I remember the first time I saw footage of Saipan... a fishing show that I watched when I was living in Samoa.

10. I remember three of my children being born at CHC. (One was born in China.)

11. I remember when all the bloggers were nice.

12. I remember when soccer was small.

13. I remember thinking about leaving Saipan every year for my first few years here.

14. I remember my Dad visiting for the first time, and saying, "Okay, now I get why you won't come back to the mainland."

15. I remember five governors ago.

16. I remember when Marianas Eye Institute had one employee, and I used to answer the phones while she went to lunch.

17. I remember moving five times during my first year here.

18. I remember going back to the mainland for the first time in seven years, and realizing, "I don't know this place any more, it's no longer my home."

19. I remember a time when the government and the medical referral system were so flush with money, you could get a bone marrow transplant, just because you wanted one. Hot dog!

20. I remember a time when I didn't have to think so hard just to remember twenty things.

I tag Bev, Sean, Ken and Crystal, and anyone else who hasn't been tagged yet.


Tamara said...

Beach Road going all the way throught the park..I had totally forgotten about that one!

Sean said...

I learned so much from your post, David. And I did respond to your "tag."

Anonymous said...

I remember when Beach Road continued through the park & I remember the first few days when it suddenly didn't... I had opened a lingerie boutique (Samantha's Passion) on what was a side-road that few ventured on- while playing in the front yard with my daughter I noticed an increase in the number of cars passing by. Then I noticed an increase in traffic- actually, it was instant "traffic jam" from corner to corner because we didn't have traffic lights/signals on the island.

My quiet side street became the main road...& the traffic jams continued until the light was installed. Though I no longer had the privacy to frolic freely in the front yard, customers were able to find my store more easily...

Marianas Eye said...

And I remember your store, with the mannequin out front!

Anonymous said...

I actually had 2 mannequins (Isabel & Simona-the community named them during a Power 99 mannequin naming contest), but one (Isabel) was kidnapped.

Travis filed a “Kidnapping in Garapan” story on the local news the following evening hoping for her safe return. Sadly, she’s never been seen again...