Thursday, January 31, 2008

Free Comedy Workshop Begins

I've put together this press release that will go out next week. Help me spread the word.


Have you thought about becoming a stand-up comedian? Do people tell you you’re funny? Do people tell you you’re not funny, but you want to be? Are you interested in writing comedy, or making a living through comedy? Then the Comedy Workshop is for you. This free course will start on Wednesday, February 6 and will meet weekly for four weeks.

The course will feature instruction based on Judy Carter’s famous LA Comedy Workshop. “A few weeks ago, a few friends gathered to explore the idea of putting together a stand-up comedy night,” explained David Khorram, the course organizer. “We realized that we needed some structure to help us move through the process of developing our acts, so we ordered Judy Carter’s instructional DVD series, called ‘Comedy Career in a Box.’ It’s a way to attend her Comedy Workshop, here on a remote island.” Judy Carter is the author of The Comedy Bible and Standup Comedy. She is a renowned comic, speaker and teacher. This unique DVD series takes you step-by-step through the creative process of joke writing and basic and advanced performance techniques.

The goal of the workshop is for each individual to ultimately develop thirty minutes of original comedy material. “Even if you don’t want to perform comedy, but just want to add more humor to your life, to your writing, or to your talks, this is a good way of doing it,” said Khorram. “Understanding comedy also helps you see more humor every day, and helps you appreciate the natural comedy around you. So, this comedy workshop isn’t just for people that want to perform comedy. It’s for anyone who wants to gain an appreciation for how comedy works.” For those interested in performing, the group has planned an evening of stand-up comedy towards the end of February.

Part 1 of the workshop is “Creating Killer Comedy Material.” According to the course materials, you’ll learn to use the same tools your favorite comedians use to write material from your own point of view. It covers how to jumpstart your creativity, fighting stage fright and other worries, joke writing made easy, finding your authentic material, and getting big laughs.

Part 2 focuses on “How Not to Bomb.” In this section you develop your material further and concentrate on performance. You’ll learn secrets to dealing with hecklers, avoiding hack material, the top five mistakes comics make, insider secrets of successful rewrites, how to make the audience love you in five seconds, and building a set that kills.

For those interested in making money, Part 3 is on “Making Money from Being Funny.” It shares secrets from managers, agents, executive producers, casting directors and club bookers on how to get noticed. It features interviews with 18 Hollywood heavy hitters.

The Comedy Workshop will begin on Wednesday, February 6 at 6:45 PM at Marianas Eye Institute on Beach Road Garapan. If you’re interested, contact David Khorram at 235-9090, or by email. There is no charge for the Comedy Workshop. Space is limited.

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