Monday, January 28, 2008

CNMI Investor Visa

I've gotten a few requests in the past few months from non-US citizens on whether or not it is possible to live in the CNMI. It is. Here is the response I sent to the last enquirer.


For “non-US” types, you can enter in one of three ways: as a contract worker, on an investor visa, or on a retirement visa. The first requires an employer, the latter two require money. Actually, there is a fourth option-- marry a US citizen.

I think the retirement visa is available if you are over 55 years old. I’m not sure of the financial requirements.

The investor visa requires an investment of $150K, but the investment can include the purchase/lease of property, i.e. a home. I have good friend who is Canadian, and living here by virtue of an investor visa. Here is his input:

The investor visa is obtained through the Dept of Commerce. Any questions you have should be directed to Lillian, she is very helpful and easy to work with. You can also download the application and its requirements, I believe it’s on the website.

There is a long list of requirements and its a lengthy process, but its easy to follow and goes smoothly. Briefly, the investor must set up an "investment" in the CN
MI, which is usually a corporation to do business, and a minimum of $150,000 in assets (real estate is acceptable). The assets must be in the CNMI, and they must all owned by the corporation.

My application has been almost an inch thick both times, but most of the info is the business plan, tax statements, etc. The application costs $1000 and the permit is good for two years.


Erwin said...

If and when one is eventually granted an investor's visa in CNMI, can the investor apply for green card already?

Marianas Eye said...

As I understand it, green cards are not available through the investor visa program. But check with the government office to b sure.

D said...

do you have the government office web page?