Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I'll let you guys sort this one out

Here is a young woman who I have been seeing every day for the past 10 days or so. She was a passenger in a motor vehicle accident and got popped in the eye by the airbag. Now before you go home and dismantle your airbag, keep in mind that this is a little like getting chaffed by a life jacket.

What do you see? What happened? Get it right (or even close) and I'll buy you two matinée passes to the movies.

And no, Mark, Melonie, Thelma, Joanne, Emilly, Lin, Yvonne, and all the rest of you at Marianas Eye Institute cannot play.


Shazam said...

Oh I LOVE LOVE LOVE these gory eye posts the best! The worm is by far my favorite post EVER! I'm guessing a contusion on the cornea?

Process Observer said...

Cool. Perhaps it's just the reflection of the exam lights, but it looks like a gas permeable lense subducted into the sclera. Is the yellow fluid infection or some kind of analgesic/disinfectant.


Bruce A. Bateman said...

Looks like the airbag broke most of the surface, and many of the deeper blood vessels in her eye and mashed her contact lens into her eyeball as well.

Could be worse. Quite a few people are killed each year, not by the accident that set it off, but by the airbag that was supposed to save them.

Just one of life's little irony’s.

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

She saw Brad naked

marianas life said...

was she driving a nissan? there was a consumer reports recall request for eye injuries from airbags in nissan altimas.

hmm, hemmorraging under the outer surface of the eye? i see blood inside the eye too. that looks painful!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a dislocated lens (not a contact lens, but the lens of the eye)


kel_phil said...

Sorry if this posts more than once. I've been trying to post for the first time.

Looks like a dislocated lens (not a contact lens, but lens of the eye) caused by trauma/impact.