Saturday, April 5, 2008

Me and the Kids

Today was a great day. Mara is away in Hawaii for the weekend attending a meeting of a regional Board of Trustees of which she is a member, and I decided to have our housekeeper NOT come, just so I could spend time with my kids. There is a certain peace in being the only adult in their lives for a day, in part because there is no other authority to whom they can appeal my decisions. It's also just nice to see each other.

After breakfast and chores, I took them down to Micro Beach. What a magnificent morning. The lagoon was turquoise, the sun was behind us, still rising, as we sat under the shade of palm trees and ironwoods and dug in the sand, waded on the sandbar. It was one of those days when the sky is bright blue and the clouds are gleaming white, drifting by like silent herds of animals. And off in the distant, Managaha Island. I was full of joy just watching them and spending the day with them.

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QuietusLeo said...

Mmmm, let me check. Nope, no lagoon 'round here.
But, Lot's of desert and interesting archaeological sites.
Turns out my kids like piles of ancient rubble (especially when attached to an interesting story.
It's about being with the kids, no matter the local.
On the other hand, would you be interested in an exchange program?