Saturday, April 5, 2008

Funny Operating Room Moments

So, it appears there is a "surgery carnival," and I've been asked to pick a theme and host the 19th edition. When I was first asked to host the carnival, I imagined an event where clowns would juggle solid organs, and admissions to some of the tents would include the chance to watch an amputation or two. But no, it's where surgeons and medical types around the world will write on the theme, the host will place a synopsis of all the stories on a blog, with links to the original stories. It sounds like fun.

So, medical people around the world, send me your funny stories. They don't have to be from the operating room per se (or more aptly the "operating theatre" as our British influenced colleagues would say). Write about any funny experience that occurred in the vicinity of a knife. You can see previous editions of the Surgery Carnival by clicking here.

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