Thursday, August 16, 2007

Thinking Blogger Award

I haven't gotten a chance to acknowledge Angelo for bestowed upon me a "Thinking Blogger" award. Thanks, Angelo. I'm honored. Now, I'm supposed to nominate up to five people for this award. Other than Angelo, and Jeff, who already have the award, there is one other blogger that makes me think regularly.

A couple of his posts really went deep, like this one. And today, while I was in surgery trying to concentrate on removing a cataract, this one (which is hilarious) kept popping into my head.

There is clear evidence that beneath the persona, there is a profound mind at work.

So, I pass the Thinking Blogger award on to Saipan's own Einstein in the Sand. Nice work.

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bradinthesand said...

Truly an honor. Thanks, David. I went back and reread the first of the two posts you cited and was happy you enjoyed it. I'll get to work on my post soon.