Wednesday, August 8, 2007

A Glimpse of Rota

For those living far away, Saipan seems like some small remote island. Maybe. But nothing compared to Rota, which is an additional half-hour flight south of us, and has somewhere around 3,000 people. It's a lovely place, and now with the addition of bloggers Andrew and Suzanne to the island, the world can get a peek into life there.

Sometimes we forget what we have, and reading this paragraph from Andrew's recent post reminded me that it's the people that make our community.

The most positive thing to note about Rota is that the people of this island, whether Chamorro, mainlanders, Philippines, or otherwise, are all representatives of the salt of the earth. Nay a single soul here has treated us as if we were not part of some sort of family, which is beyond surreal given the world(s) we come from. This unnerving beauty shared among the people of Rota surpasses, even the vast, VAST, beauty of the island of Rota itself...
Another recent post describes, with poetic beauty, the feeling of looking across the night to the distant twinkling lights of Guam. It's a haunting picture.

I encourage all the Saipan bloggers to visit their blog and write a little review about it (or if that seems like too much work, just link to this review). Let's let the world know that a glimpse of Rota is just a click away.


Jeff said...

Speaking of reviews, I took the family to your clinic yesterday and was extremely impressed. My four year old was there and not happy about it, and I was amazed by your assistant's patience and warmness. Mark was of course great, and the technology fabulous. Bravo David.

Marianas Eye said...

Thanks, Jeff. I'll pass your comments along to the staff. Hey, post the review on your blog. We always appreciate a positive word in the community.