Thursday, August 16, 2007


I saw this on Walt's blog. It totally resonates with me, so I'm posting it here to refer to periodically. I don't limit his use of the word "wealth" to financial wealth, but rather think of it as general abundance and and a sense of well-being.

The following is an excerpt from Happy Pocket Full of Money By David Cameron.

"Cause others to experience wealth massively, increase their wealth consciousness massively, and you will experience wealth massively. Look at life today. Any business that deals with the increasing of people’s productivity and connectivity always becomes a very big self-sustaining business. It may not be a perfectly good business, but it is big and self-sustaining. Software, networks, transport, electronics, and such businesses improve people’s productivity and
standard of living and in return, they grow. But that is only a scratch on the surface. Even more magnificence will come our way when we start building businesses that deliberately are designed to give rather than receive. Businesses designed to cause first that other people get wealthy. Future businesses will be designed to cause growth that is true growth and not growth with serious side effects somewhere else. These businesses will cause elevation of populations
from a lower standard of living to a higher one, and elevations in their consciousness and well-being. The more you cause others to have in wealth, the more you will have in wealth, effortlessly."

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Saipan Writer said...

If I were Silly Socrates, I might ask how that applies to the proposal to have casinos in Saipan and Rota. Is gamblign a business designed to promote others' wealth, or not?