Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Home from Australia

Mara and I spent the weekend in Cairns. It was the first time we've taken a trip without the kids. It was beautiful. We did a lot of that thing that parents with four young children rarely get a chance to do. Yep, that's right. We talked. We talked in complete sentences. We talked without interruptions, carefree, like when we were young and had the house to ourselves. We talked everywhere. We talked lying on the bed. We talked on the couch. We even talked on the balcony. It was hot.

Cairns is a great city, and having been there a couple of times before, we felt no pressure to see anything. We just spent our time walking around and eating lots of great food. But ouch, the declining dollar was painful. In the past you could buy an Australian dollar for sixty cents. Now, it costs pretty much a whole US dollar.

We spent one evening with old friends from Saipan, Jane and Glenn Bolton-Bound. Glenn is still making a living jumping out of airplanes with a tourist strapped to him. The next time we go down there, I think I'll jump with him. I trust him to get me down alive.

I'd post some pictures, but I can't find the cable to download them from the camera.


bigsoxfan said...

Never, Ever, Ever; Jump out of a perfectly good airplane. At least, until your cute little ones can handle the writing of your well written, thoughtful, and amusing blog. Looking forward to the book. Mark Scease

James said...

Wonderful, communication with the wife on vacation.. Whoever would have thunk it?

Mike said...

I second the "no jumping out of a perfectly good airplane" rule.

Jane and Glenn Bolton B said...

Hey! But what about the perfectly good parachute that breaks your fall....

Hi Guys, we loved seeing you that night. We would have loved to have more time with you both oh and David Glenn says he would be delighted to through you out of a perfectly good aeroplane any time ( in the nicest possible way of course)

Love to you all in Saipan we miss you all very much. Warmest from Jane, Glenn, Tyler, Jessie, Jya and Llewie.