Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Retina Blog

I've got a new blog, over at The Retina Blog. It contains "clinical pearls for retina specialists, fellows, residents and others interested in advances in the field of retina." At least 50% of my practice is dedicated to retinal disease. The field is evolving very rapidly, mostly due to the use of various biological modulators that we inject into the eye. As I read articles and studies that are important to the clinical practice of retinal disease, I summarize them and place them on the blog, mostly as a source of future reference for myself.


James said...

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Marianas Eye said...

Sure, James. Go ahead.

Jana McBurney-Lin said...

Hey, David,
Saw your comment on my blog...and was curious to find out where you are, what you're doing. Sounds as if you're achieving wonderful things in Saipan. And, congrats on YOUR new book. I look forward to reading it. By the way, have you read "Getting Stoned with the Savages..." by Maarten Troost? He lived in Fiji and Vanuatu for a few years and his writings on the subject were pretty amusing.